Our Responsibility

Every purchase you make has an impact on the environment, you decide if you want it to create a positive impact, or a negative impact.

Every item we design and produce has an impact on the environment, we decided we didn’t want to have a negative impact on our planet, so we are on the journey to creating a positive impact on people and have less imprint on the world.

We believe in total transparency with our customers and we want to educate people about where their clothing is coming from and what their purchase is doing to/for the environment.

We are working on being more sustainable each day and every year.

Here’s a few things we have done so far

2019 – We have introduced compost bags, a certified home compostable,
fully biodegradable mailing satchel partly made from plants. Read more info on
better packaging website.


2020 – We have moved scrapped plastic packaging

2020 – Testing of new sustainable and recycled fabrics

2021 – Working on new things, more info to come