We are three nature lovers born and raised by the sea in New Zealand and we now live In Perth, Western Australia.

We believe in the power of positive thought and being kind and grateful and looking after our beautiful planet

KIK clothing is a representation of our personalities and what we love doing, each piece has been designed to be versatile and fit within your lifestyle.

From home to travel.

From Street to Studio.


Our Future

Our dream is to keep building our brand and use KIK clothing as an opportunity to give back.

We believe the fashion industry is changing and sustainability is now more important than ever.

We are changing our business practices to be more ethical every day across every aspect of production, right through to packaging and delivery.

We are now utilizing compostable postage bags from better packaging to reduce landfill and our latest raven collection and all collections moving forward will incorporate recyclable product packaging and swing tags.

We are also sampling recycled fabrics and are hoping to start incorporating these into our 2021 winter collection.

These changes are just the beginning for us, and we are excited to be part of the global movement to make fashion more sustainable and ethical for our planet.


Thanks for stopping by and reading about the people behind the brand

Arohanui the KIK CREW